What sets our studio apart

**Specific gear list available upon request
Located in Burbank, CA, our full-service studio features some of the latest cutting-edge equipment, all of which allows us to deliver the quality results our clients have come to expect and deserve. If you need a list of the specific equipment we use, we would be happy to provide that to you.

We want to make sure you are totally comfortable while we’re working together, in an environment that stimulates creativity with a dash of relaxation and fun. In addition to a full-service kitchen and comfy lounge, we also have a massage chair that is guaranteed to melt those deadlines away!

Whatever it is you need in a recording studio, we can deliver. Just let us know “how you take it!”

How do you take it?

Whatever your production requires, we customize to fit your needs, thus the question: “How do you take it?” Oh and of course, we cannot forget to mention the delicious tea we serve here. It would be a crime in and of itself to miss out.

What we do

At Cup of Tea, we handle all aspects of recording or localizing your video game project. Those aspects include: Custom Casting, data base casting, Record Script management, ADR cueing and adapting, VO Recording, VO management, dialogue editing, mixing and mastering. If there is something in particular you are looking for, ask us, there’s a good chance we can do it.